Courtney Robbins. Hairstylist. Artist.

At a young age I knew I wanted to become a hairstylist. I wanted to give people a confidence I never had and because of that I am a dedicated individual who pays attention to detail. 


I have been in the hair industry for nine years and was able to receive my license at the end of my senior year of high school.  As I was still evolving into who I was, classes were teaching me how to provide client satisfaction, while my faith provided me with confidence.


Over the last nine years, I've developed a strong passion for creating up-do's, especially for weddings.  Every woman should feel her best on one of the most important and happiest days of her life; that's what I love bringing to each bride in a very unique way.  Each client is different requiring different care and I do my best at tending to each client's individual wants and needs.  At the end of each appointment my goal before the client leaves my chair, is to make them feel more beautiful and better about themselves.


I stay relevant by attending classes several times a year to keep up with the newest trends. I love to learn, and am always up for a challenge.

~Courtney Lea


Devon Scott.
Makeup Artist. Creator.

Art is more than just paint on a canvas or clay being molded into a sculpture. I believe art is about the inspiration, the artist, the passion.  Being a makeup artist is more than just applying the makeup.  Being a makeup artist is about forming a relationship with our client.  When you sit down in my chair, I want to know who you are so I am able to appropriately reflect that with my work.  I believe in exemplifying your personality, not masking it.


I have recently been certified in airbrush technique and continue to read, take classes and watch videos on makeup application to ensure client satisfaction.  I believe that continuing my education in makeup technique gives me the ability to provide the look you envision.  My goal is to make you feel like the most beautiful version of YOU.